If you know blogging’s a good idea, but you’re not doing it, I can help you!


The more stories you share, the more opportunities you create, the more you’re seen as the go-to person in your field, and the more your ideal customers can see why they should choose you to help them. All of which seems to make it a good idea to regularly create great content and share it with your ideal customers, right?

But as with all good ideas, their worth is in their execution. So what’s stopping you from consistently implementing what you already know is a good idea?

For most people I talk to it’s about fear and time. Does that sound familiar? Fear of running out of ideas, or not having any in the first place, or not being able to choose the right ones to write about? Fear of not being a good enough writer? Fear of getting it wrong? And of course, what small business owner has an abundance of time?! You need time to learn, time to plan, and time to implement that plan. So often other priorities end up taking precedence, and blogging falls down to the bottom of your to-do list each week.

I help you overcome your fears, plan what you need to do, and find the time to implement that plan. I help you get those blog posts written. I help you to help your ideal customer get to know, like, and trust you. I help you to create content that counts, connects, and gets you chosen.

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Sam x

Work With Me


When you work with me we make sure that the content you create appeals to your ideal customer; and is aligned to your business objectives. We’ll regularly fill your Story Cupboard so that you never have to waste time thinking about what to say; I’ll help you find your authentic online voice; and we’ll work out the best places to share your stories so that they’re found by the people you want to find them.

Our relationship starts with a conversation, and then a no-obligation review of your current content and strategies, followed by the creation of a bespoke package, designed to help you create content that counts.

When you work with me you get the benefit of my 20+ years business experience, my consultancy, coaching and training expertise, and my genius way with words.

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