Hi, I’m Sam! And the cute one’s Kimber!


I’m a writer, blogger, and story teller to a very silly cartoon sheep. Us humans are hard wired to love stories. Whether we’re telling our friends about something that happened to us on the way to meet them, reminiscing about an event that happened years ago, or settling down to enjoy a good book. Stories are how we learn, how we make sense of things, and how we remember times past. I use this website to share my stories, and help you to share yours. If you’re in business you’ll find lots of posts about how you can share stories that help your ideal customer to choose you, and if you want more help than they give you, book the relevant slot in my diary, and I’ll help you one to one. I also offer bespoke training to organisations.


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Sam x

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How To Live A Happier Life In 2017

At this time of year the blogosphere and social media are full of people reminiscing and reflecting on the year gone by. I’d love to buck the trend, especially since I’m not really one for looking back. But at this time of year even I like to reflect on...

Ten Kinds Of Content That Get You Chosen

The term ‘Content Marketing’ has become a bit of a buzz-phrase in recent times, but what exactly is meant by the word ‘content’?? For me it’s anything you publish that helps people to choose you over the other people who do what you do....

Why You Shouldn’t Always Trust The ‘Experts’

When Kimber was a tiny puppy we took her to puppy training. The first week was a socialisation class, and the new puppies were allowed off their leads first. The trainers explained that this was because they’d be really shy and a bit scared to be among all these...