If you know blogging’s a good idea, but you’re not doing it, I can help you!


Hi, I’m Sam! And the cute one’s Kimber!


The more stories you share, the more opportunities you create, the more you’re seen as the go-to person in your field, and the more your ideal customers can see why they should choose you to help them. All of which seems to make it a good idea to regularly create great content and share it with your ideal customers, right?

But as with all good ideas, their worth is in their execution. So what’s stopping you from consistently implementing what you already know is a good idea?

I know what stopped me. I made all sorts of excuses: I didn’t know what to write about; I didn’t have an audience; I didn’t have time; I didn’t have anything interesting to say; my website wasn’t ready. But at the bottom of all of those excuses was fear. I worried that my peers would look at what I wrote and realise I didn’t know what I was doing – imposter syndrome, anyone?! I worried that my potential clients would read my blog posts and think I/what I did was rubbish. I was scared that I’d only ever have one good idea, so I didn’t want to use it up. I didn’t think I could bear what I was sure would feel like rejection if nobody commented, or shared, or reacted. And, as someone who considered myself a writer, the thought that I might expose myself, and prove to myself and the rest of the world that I was not, in actual fact, a very good writer, brought me out in cold sweats. That was the hardest fear to pin down, because any time I thought of admitting it was a thing, it’d hide behind a wall in my head!

If any of this sounds familiar, maybe not the fears hiding behind walls bit, but the rest of it, then we need to talk! Because every time you don’t create a bit of content, you’re turning business away. You’re denying a potential customer a reason to buy what you sell. And you’re denying an existing customer a reason to become a repeat customer. Your customers rely on you to help them figure out that they should choose you, and your content helps them to do just that.


Check out how we can work together by clicking on this link, and let’s chat soon!

Sam x