Hi, I’m Sam! And the cute one’s Kimber!


I’m a writer, blogger, and story teller to a very silly cartoon sheep. Us humans are hard wired to love stories. Whether we’re telling our friends about something that happened to us on the way to meet them, reminiscing about an event that happened years ago, or settling down to enjoy a good book. Stories are how we learn, how we make sense of things, and how we remember times past. I use this website to share my stories, and help you to share yours. If you’re in business you’ll find lots of posts about how you can share stories that help your ideal customer to choose you, and if you want more help than they give you, book the relevant slot in my diary, and I’ll help you one to one. I also offer bespoke training to organisations.


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Sam x

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Yellow Shoes Brought To Life

One of my most popular blog posts is about a conversation I overheard. It involved a group of men in suits, discussing their colleague, who had the audacity to wear yellow shoes to work. I love this particular post because it's about an ever-so-slightly absurd topic,...

Hot Chocolate Heroes Of Highland Perthshire

I've never got on with coffee. Despite lining up all the mugs my parents owned on the kitchen bench, and filling them with various combinations of coffee, milk, and sugar, my teenage self couldn't find a winning formula for my taste buds. So when it comes to hot...

My Mum’s Birthday Party Heroes

Last week my lovely Mum turned 70. She didn't want a fuss, or lots of presents, but she consented to a small, family, party. The day was great fun, and there were three local businesses that helped to make it so. One: Scran and Scallie Scran and Scallie is...